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Introducing Financial Astrology, for the first time ever, in India For the first time in the Indian market, we have introduced Financial Astrology, a service which will not only make life easy but very profitable for the market participants by enabling them to take the right decisions.


All equity and commodity market participants can benefit from our services In spite of doing a majority of things right, most market participants are not able to get returns as per their expectations. The science behind the predictions We conduct a detailed study which not only comprises of 9 planets, 7 aspects, 12 houses and 12 constellations but also consider various other Astro parameters.

Who can avail of our services?

How financial astrology can help you? When to buy? How long to stay invested? When to book profits? Key focus points for reports Traders are a complex breed, who wants to make money at every possible opportunity that the equity market might offer. Trend Prediction : A Trader usually makes money when the market is in a clear trend and they lose when the trend reverses. Here we help the trader by identifying the exact period with precise dates where trend is likely to reverse.

A trader can take advantage of this information and mint money.

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Sector Prediction : Based on our Astro calculations, we identify the sectors which are likely to perform well and those which will not be able to do so well. This information helps traders in selecting stocks belonging to the sector which will outperform. Prediction of Turning Days : One of our unique abilities is to predict the Market Turnings well in advance.

Download Astro-Economics book pdf | audio id:d8c8zc7

A short term Positional Trader dreads these Turning days as he can lose loose majority of his profits if he fails to identify one. With our guidance, Traders can know the Market Turnings in advance and thus place themselves in a profitable situation. We have a history in predicting the correct outcomes well in advance. This gives a trader tremendous edge over others and help mint huge profits. Take advantage of our market reports It is the only unique science which has the capability to predict the future trends accurately.

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Monthly Newsletter. September Although these remained largely a proprietary secret, Gann did share some of his theories with the world via a series of books, published between and Of these, two catch my eye. First of all, Ganndivided his trading year in half, equivalent to 6 months or 26 weeks, which he then sub-divided into smaller fractions. This time, though, instead of switching from north to south Saros Series, the list descends at intervals of 2 eclipses per SOUTH Saros series so sticking with the same eclipse family, rather than alternating between the north and south nodes , and brings us finally to the eclipse of March So does that mean that stock prices will rise again close to the Solar Eclipse in Pisces that we are due to experience in February ?

How Astrology and Zodiac signs effect Us?

But is this really what drives trends? Many modern exponents of crowd behaviour theory have suggested that humans do not follow rational lines of action but instead, tend to respond emotionally to external circumstances. Such ideas have now received wide acceptance through the works of theorists like Vernon L. So the fact that lunar or soli-lunar cycles may be able to partly explain panic buying and selling trends makes sense. According to one well-known financial astrologer, Malcolm Bucholtz, the reason why the Moon is so useful in forecasting the stock market is because:.

Today, we are so busy in our half-crazed world that we have lost sight of the fact that the planets affect our emotions. The financial markets are nothing more than a gigantic exercise in emotion. Fear and hope are the two primary emotions that govern the buying and selling activity on all global markets.

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According to established financial astrologers such as Christeen Skinner, eclipses are a well-known catalyst for creating market turning points. Given all the factors above, you would expect some kind of correlation between FTSE index share price movements and lunar phenomena. So what was happening at these points? Things were definitely at a bit of a low ebb astrologically. Put together, these two cosmic events may well have caused a pessimistic sentiment to set in. Just a few days before, on the 8th, Jupiter, the planet of luck and optimism, also turned retrograde, which may have further dampened outlooks.

Financial Astrology

So what of the 20th? Again, a number of soli-lunar phenomena seem to have been at work. Furthermore, there was a Full Moon on January 24 — again a Sunday — which puts the last trading date leading up to this event Friday the 22nd — pretty close to when the market seems to have turned from down back to up. Initially, then there do seem to be some significant correlations between soli-lunar phenomena and FTSE fluctuations.

Astrological aspects of the economic crisis

But of course, this is a very small sample, so perhaps we need to look at a longer period of time to see if anything else stands out. One analyst was quoted as saying:. In the short-term, sentiment appears to have turned substantially negative again … Chinese inflation data has come in well below expectations overnight. The exciting world of investing can be quite bewildering and even scary to most. Should you buy stocks or mutual funds, and how to choose between thousands of them? Or perhaps your fortune lies in the family business, collecting works of art, antiques or international real estate?

Surprisingly, it is relatively easy to answer all these questions without spending another year at school or paying a fortune to a financial consultant. This book will show you how.

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