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Libra Traits

Everything in the Libra's world must be balanced, just like a scale. A Libra doesn't feel right unless justice is served and everything is equal and in perfect harmony. For such a peaceful sign, you're pretty badass, Libra.

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Libras are hopeless romantics. Finding love is very important to a Libra and they don't make it hard for you to fall in love with them either. Libras are naturally charming and exude a beautiful energy that makes them quite irresistible. Libras require a deep, meaningful romantic relationship and it is crucial that it also must be an equal union for it to survive.

That's why the Libra will make a beautiful astrological match with their fellow air sign, the Gemini. As air signs, they are both very sociable and communicative people. Libras yearn and often spend much of their time looking for that traditional, old-school type of romance. And they have no problem doing their part as well in returning their love whether through words or gifts.

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It's easy for a Libra to lose themselves in their relationships, which can become a bit of a problem to both partners. Most of this couple's issues will lie in the fact that Gemini is more independent than Libra. While a Gemini no doubt loves their relationship with their Libra, they also value their independent streak. This is something Libras have a harder time wrapping their heads around.

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They wouldn't mind spending all of their time with their partner, which can clash with the independent part of a Gemini's personality. Their partnership is a harmonious, exquisite one that will last well into their golden years, which is exactly what the Libra is looking for. Libras are natural born diplomats. They're also extremely social people, so any occupation where they can be part of a collaborative team will be a successful choice for them.

Obviously, a diplomat is a great choice for Libras. But a Libra will also make a great judge or lawyer.

What is the Libra zodiac sign like?

A Libra excels in any job that has projects where they can work alongside other people and contribute fresh, new ideas to the team. With their beautiful visions and friendly personalities, they would also make great designers. The Libra sign is the best at being able to separate their work lives from their personal lives.

Libras understand more than anything that they need balance in order to have a happy life. Libras are wise in choosing careers that allow them to have this balance and set aside special time for their relationships. Oh, and Libras are just as amazing at balancing checkbooks as they are at balancing their lives. So, you never have to worry about financial issues with a Libra by your side. Follow Us. Sign in. Too often, a Libra overcompensates in answer to a change. For example, a Libra friend of mine, Tammy, often takes exaggerated action to compensate for a little glitch she encounters.

She does this because she is instinctively trying to reestablish balance and harmony in her life. I remind her that baby steps are often the best tact. Try to visualize how actual scales work. A little better thought, a little positive action, a small tweak in how you feel. Little by little, that imbalance will dissipate, and harmony will return. I hope this article on zodiac symbols for Libra has offered you some illumination into this fascinating sun-sign. To be sure, Libra is an infinite source of value and inspiration.

Be sure to check out the links below for all kinds of goodies on zodiac symbols and meanings. Have fun with the zodiac signs and meanings below listed.

♌️ ♎️ Snapchat Birthday Emojis — Purple Zodiac Emojis ♉️ ♒️

Use them as a basic guide to help you understand the various personalities of the people in your life. But please, this is only a guide — I encourage you to study further and continue to gather your own knowledge on the fascinating subject of astrology. Learn more about zodiac signs and symbol meanings here. Please enjoy this chart for zodiac sign dates, symbols and meanings. Each sign has unique elements that influences that sign.

Meaning of the Zodiac Sign Libra

For example, Aries is governed by fire and the planet Mars — whereas Aquarius is governed by the element of air, and is ruled by the planet Uranus. Find out more about zodiac sign dates and influences here. June 14, June 14, March 19, March 19, March 12, March 12, Skip to content. Zodiac Symbols For Libra.

Zodiac Symbols for Libra Charming, harmonious and filled to the brim with energy. Libra Zodiac Symbols and Sign Meanings. Elemental Zodiac Symbol for Libra Air: Air is symbolic of a lot of things: The unseen, communication, subtle power to name a few. Flowers as Zodiac Symbols for Libra Rose: Intoxicating, mysterious, passionate…the rose stands for all of these things, and so too does Libra.

Stones as Zodiac Symbols for Libra Opal: Opals are symbolic of creativity, inspiration and expression…. Thanks for reading about the fascinating realm of zodiac symbols for Libra. Avia's Recommended Products from Amazon. Zodiac Sign Dates Please enjoy this chart for zodiac sign dates, symbols and meanings.

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