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Learn about historical and contemporary outfits for the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year – Year of the Rat

Discover the bright and colorful Spring Festival decorations, their origins, meanings and more. Our site uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Zodiac is the Year of the Rat. What's lucky in the year of the Rat? Calendar When is Chinese New Year? Checkout our calendar for the full New Year schedule! Zodiac Animals Chinese Zodiac. What's your Zodiac Animal? Traditions Chinese New Year Taboos Avoid These Make sure your new year is filled with good fortune by avoiding these 10 new year taboos!

Traditions Chinese New Year Dishes. Traditions Chinese New Year Desserts. Chinese Zodiac explains that the goals that you, as a Rabbit had set previously will be accomplished. As a rabbit, you do not like wasting your time.

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You need to give time and space, so your loved ones can breathe. There has to be excitement and passion, but not the intent to control. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve your instincts. Right choices will make your year. Read in detail - Rabbit Horoscope As per Chinese Zodiac A peaceful year will make the Dragon happy and they will welcome the year of rat with arms widespread.

Focus on your relations with people you care about. Taking care of yourself is a must. You must exercise and maintain a routine that will keep you healthy. It's a combination of diet as well as routine that keeps you healthy. This year you will make new friends and your bond with your colleagues will improve. Possibilities of going on a trip with them are high as you enjoy their company. Read in detail - Dragon Horoscope The natives of Snake will enjoy this year as per Chinese Horoscope Although Snakes eat rat in the wild life, but here it symbolizes that you will get rid of all the problems you had.

The negativity and fear of loss will be over.

Progressive snake will make its way to success. You might find it difficult to sleep at night. But sleep is as important to the human body as food is. Your mental health depends on the quality of sleep you get. If you are finding it difficult to sleep, try putting yourself back on a routine. Another reason for the snake people to be happy in the year of the rat is that they will probably start a new and lasting relationship.

Those who are already committed, will spend meaningful time together and share romantic moments worth cherishing. Read in detail - Snake Horoscope Horse people will feel changes in their personality as per Chinese Zodiac predictions. Your bad habits will let go of you with little or no efforts. So if you were planning to quit something, it is time.

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  • The passion you have will make your relationships interesting. This year, the proposition of saving some money may hit you. However, the later idea of exploring the world around you will get you on your toes. The desire to fall for this temptation will get fired as interesting things will get unwrapped. Sports or adventurous activities or a trip to an amusement park is all that you need to be happy.

    Year of Birth by Chinese Horoscope

    Let your partner understand this. They will definitely support you, whatever the challenges. In the year of the Rat, a Horse can easily overcome.

    What to Eat During Chinese New Year

    Read in detail - Horse Horoscope A year of transformation, will be different from the previous years for a Sheep , explains the Chinese Horoscope predictions. The natives of this sign do not admire changes or atleast surprises, since they can be unpleasant too. Sheep are people who do not wish to come to the front.

    They feel safe when not in the limelight, however, it has nothing to do with their potential.

    The Year of Rat

    The year of rat brings changes in your personality and lifestyle. You will get out of bad relationships and may change your job as well. Probably you were carrying the burden of a relation for quite long, that seems to come to an end this year. Money will be no problem, you will have as much as you would need. Spend it on yourself and pamper yourself. You need to understand that you deserve happiness. Results are going to favour you. Just keep your mind and atmosphere positive.

    Read in detail - Sheep Horoscope As per Chinese Horoscope predictions, you will be eager to accept the changes that have begun in your life. You will be full of lively energy and highly social during this year. Meeting new people, attending social gatherings will be your new interest. Though, the natives of sign Monkey are in general very social, in the year of the metal rat, you will find yourself at cloud 9. Financial as well as emotional health will improve. You will lead a lifestyle to envy. At the workplace, your actions will speak for you. The year of rat is an average year for monkeys but the two signs can work well together.

    So, the results will be favorable. Read in detail - Monkey Horoscope Success awaits you in , if you are a Rooster as per Chinese Zodiac You will be highly emotional and this could influence your relationships as well. Manage your fear, stress, anxiety and possessive nature well. Your impulsive behaviour can cost you a relationship. Also, the same can create problems for you in your professional life.

    Do not overspend as the financial situation does not seem to be very good. Savings are a way you can feel secure. Think of making a budget and adhere to the rules you set for yourself. Read in detail - Rooster Horoscope According to Chinese Horoscope predictions, with a new year comes new beginnings. Dog natives have just passed their own year and have faced a lot during that phase. There were difficulties at every step. But with the advent of the year of Rat, you can take a sigh of relief as your flexible attitude will act as your lucky charm.

    2020 Year of the Metal Rat Chinese Astrology Forecast Predictions

    Being open minded makes life easier. As a person born in the year of the Dog, you value relationships. Personal life you lead, thus, is generally stress free. What you need to pay attention to is the opportunity which can prove to be the game changer. You will be lucky this year as prosperity and happiness will surround you.

    Read in detail - Dog Horoscope But the year of rat brings with it freedom. Be it your relationships or professional life, you will not be careless at any front. Romance will make you happy as you spend blissful moments with your mate. Life will experience stability that you longed for. Health can be a factor affecting your moods.